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Wrote an article in the swedish magazine Fågelhobby, who is a member magazine for the organisation Riksförbundet Svensk Fågelhobby (Swedish Bird Hobby), about my visit to the Danish bird association Köge’s exhibition earlier this fall.

The experience of beautiful birds in a forest-like environment.

In exhibition times I have to tell you about the visit to the most beautiful and most enjoyable bird exhibition in Denmark in my opinion.
Some Venezuelan Parakeets
A group of Venezuelan Parakeets (Pyrrhura emma).

In mid-October, it was again time to go to Köge in Denmark to visit the Köge association’s annual bird show. Although they had to arrange it this year in the somewhat smaller hall, it was still a grand arrangement. The exhibition is held in the Kögehallarna, a large sports facility with two large indoor halls, which are often used for various fairs and other cultural events besides different kinds of sports.

Two blue-yellow macaws are sitting on a branch.
A couple of blue and yellow macaws are watching us. – Blue-yellow macaw, North South America (Ara ararauna)

Köge bird association was founded on December 13, 1934 and thus celebrates its 85th anniversary this year! It is one of Denmark’s oldest and also largest associations with its 160 members. The association holds two major activities each year: the large bird market “Bird Exchange in Köge” in February and the bird show in October. These have several thousand visitors annually. The exhibition is built by the members during Wednesday and Thursday with aviaries and huge amounts of material collected in the forest. On Friday morning the birds are judged and then the exhibition opens at. 15:00. They have generous opening hours throughout the weekend so visitors can go in peace and quiet and watch all the exhibited birds, have a little coffee, talk with other like-minded and finally go for a round in the sales department and maybe get a welcome addition to their own collection at home.

Blue-winged Parakeet or Malabar Parakeet
Blue-winged Parakeet or Malabar Parakeet (Psittacula columboides) from South West of India.

When you enter the room you are greeted by a birdsong like no other and it is no wonder considering that they have set up and filled hundreds of floor and table aviarys with birds from all over the world inside the very beautifully decorated hall. In addition, there is also a corner with about 200 exterior cages containing figure and color canaries. “Dansk Undulat Klub” (DUK) was also a guest exhibitor and had a department of exterior cages with budgerigars. Here you can walk around and see a wide variety of birds, including all kinds of parrots and parakeets, quails, pigeons (six different species), finches, amadines, astrilines, cardinals, tits, thrushes, stares, weavers and more and with a couple of juveniles of rust-colored jungle owlet from South America. There was also a small exhibition of feed insects that the feed company Melorm put together. You get the feeling of being in the forest when the whole room is decorated with big trees! Of course, here were great opportunities to have something to eat, everything from sausage and butter bread with a good cup of coffee or other drink was served and the large pieces of cake disappeared like butter in the sunshine.

Four Grey-headed Lovebirds on a branch.
Grey-headed Lovebirds (Agapornis cana), the males in grey.


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