How the Christmas picture for 2020 came about.

Every year, as Christmas approaches, I try to make a special Christmas image that I can use for Christmas greetings on social media or as a Christmas card. So also for Christmas 2020. This time I had just started to learn to paint in watercolor so the choice was easy – it would be gnomes in watercolor.

I have already started drawing some before and found a lot of inspiration from the book Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet. This time I was going to let the gnomes lay out a flower mandala on the table in front of them. With the new website FloraKonst underway, it was a given theme for my new friends.

I have started painting the Gnome couple
Now I have finally started coloring my Gnome couple. Just mixing colors …

After I sketched out the two elves, it was time to start painting. To be one of the very first attempts (at least in adulthood), it still went pretty well. The colors I use are simple hobby colors that you can buy anywhere and they come in a package of 12 different colors.

The finished image of the Gnome couple
Finally – the finished watercolor painting of my Gnome couple laying a flower mandala.

After spending a few soothing hours, my Christmas card was finally ready. I have definitely got a bleeding tooth when it comes to painting watercolor, but more about that later in my blog posts …

A gnome couple making a flower mandala
The gnome couple wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.

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